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    Who among us doesn't appreciate the power of choice? With the Timepieces International Pagoda Earring, Pendant and Ring Inserts, the power to choose is right at your fingertips! These colorful curved inserts, available in orange, green, black and white, give jewelry wearers the opportunity to customize their jewelry to match a specific ensemble! Made with solid sterling silver and a beautiful rose gold plate, our Pagoda Earring, Pendant and Ring Inserts are inspired by a prestigious Chinese seal, and are adorned with nearly 300 breathtaking Diamondeau gems. With these inserts, our customers can essentially purchase four different options for their Pagoda Earrings, Pendant, and Ring, for the price of just one!

    Pair your Pagoda Earring, Pendant and Ring Inserts with other accessories and luxury jewelry items from the Timepieces International collection of jewelry for men and women!