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    Timepieces International offers more than just an expansive collection of fine jewelry from leading designers like Daniel Steiger, we also offer top-of-the-line accessories! Our accessories, also artfully designed by Daniel Steiger, range from jeweled wallets to glamourous iPad covers to crystal iPhone cases to earring inserts and much, much more. Our customers can count on us for an unparalleled selection of accessories that are sure to complement their black ceramic watch, ladies' earrings, or whatever item of luxury jewelry they wear.

    Here in our New Accessories Collection, shoppers can find fresh, newly-released Daniel Steiger accessories. This collection is continuously updated with additional items to ensure that customers can always find an accessory that embodies the latest trends and innovative designs. As you'll note, all of our new accessories feature the same incredible discounts found throughout our collections of jewelry for men and women, which means you can still save in style, even when shopping for new items.