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Monument green face gold watch.

An absolutely stunning addition to my impeccable watch collection. Excited about this amazingly beautiful piece..!!

Ocean Away Blue Topaz Ring

A very lovely ring . Very Happy with this purchase.

Amethyst Allura Green Envy

This is a very Beautiful Ring. I really like this ring because the green is so close to the color of Peridot... It is a good ring to wear as birthstone if you are born in August. This Lion roars with JOY!

Rox And Rock Colors

A fantastic ring with beautiful sparkles. The plum is stunning in this ring.. I always receive nice compliments. When I wear this ring. A real eye catheter. Stunning!

A beautiful PIECE

I’ve seen it in the Sports shooting magazine and said i had to have it! It came in the mail, I tried it on, and I just ordered another set for my father for Father’s Day! A very nice gift for Father’s Day!!! Very classy looking. Including the knife.

The Amber Cat

Bought for my girlfriend as an anniversary gift. She says it has a good texture and is shiny. Seems to like it a lot! Quality product.

Amethyst /Peridot Heaven

I wore. This ring and a lot of people said how beautiful it was. I love this ring. Just beautiful.

Lavender Magic

This is a lovely and charming ring. Very pretty.

Sunshine Amazing

This ring is incredible. It looks great on. Really very stylist. I love the shape and look of the ring when I wear it. STUNNING

Review of Patriot Watch and Boot Knife set

Outstanding style and quality. The watch is classic and modern. I routinely wear it on official functions. Thanks seller.

Is it water proof?

Is it waterproof?

American Muscle

“1959” The amazing year I was born!!! Growing up during the Muscle Care Era!!! An avid fan of all the nastalgia through the 60’s/70’s, NHRA, Custom Rods, Big Daddy Don Garlits, Tom Daniels,Russ Ramey’s, Howard Reese, Rat Fink, Funny Cars, if you offered/sold items from that era, I’m Pretty Damn sure you would make a fortune selling memorabilia as such!!! I know I would buy it!!!

Renegade Black Men's Watch

Nice watch & boot knife.

I really like the watch, especially the watch band. I have gotten several compliments on the watch. The watch is also surprisingly accurate for this price point, +3 secs per month. The knife is also very cool.

Beautiful and dependable

I have tried other cheaper smart watches -- only to be disgusted with them. This watch is very dependable. A charge can last days. I spent two days at a friend's house and forgot my charger, and it was still running when I got home. As for the health functions like blood pressure and pulse, I find them to be fairly accurate. It's not as good as what a doctor would have, but it's close enough. As for looks, I have had many compliments on it, and it id extremely comfortable to wear. I highly recommend it. . .

My Wife loves them

I’m a cat mama

I love the earrings, I had bought the necklace a few months back, and was so pleased to see the matching earrings

Hamilton Men's Watch
Abdoulaye D.


Beautiful Unique Jewelry

The weight, looks, and quality are exceptional. Get many compliments

This was a gift to me

It keeps perfect time. I am constantly setting the time on some of my automatic watches, but this Patriotic one I got from you keeps perfect. I have had this for several months now and have not adjusted it at all. Thank You

Hamilton Men's Watch


Lucky clover

Love it 🥰 liked color and size

Love the cross

Good gift

The jewelry was well made and beautiful.