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Great Value

This watch is awesome and got it at a great price

Beautiful earrings

These earrings are exactly what my wife wants.

P-51D Mustang
Taral W.
Prices Are Up

I remember buying one of those exact same models. I think it was a WalMart in the 1990s, but might have been in a now defunct K-Mart. What astonishes me is that anyone is selling them for over $120 today -- I paid $20 or less. If you want a review, sure... the diecast model is reasonably accurate and to scale (1/48). The undercarriage gear is retractable, although the two larger covers over the wheels are not. The propeller really needed much more work, however. For $20 it was a good deal. I can't recommend it for more than $40 in today's dollars.

Renegade Desert Men's Watch

Mediterranean Blue Topaz Ring


Very good watch for the price

I like the watch and everything about it.
It is good quality watch for the price,
I only have one doubt about it and it is that the skull is little cheap looking and that was the main reason I liked that watch.

Never received my order

Just got an email to review the order that they claim was fulfilled 21 days ago… well, I have yet to see it and guessi now have to fight with this bunch to get my money back.

Stylish Watch

I haven't wore this watch yet, but I'm pleased with the craftsmanship.

Patriot Watch
Jamie H.
Real eye catcher

Lots of compliments from other guys and women. I love the leather band and how the watch sets atop the leather. It is now my most comfortable watch. There is really nothing bad to say about it. It's classy and manly.

Nice ring

Beautiful ring


Just as promised

Excellent quality

Very pretty and good value

Gorgeous necklace

Love the necklace and earrings. Beautiful!! (Ice Dance) set
Only problem. I can't figure out the closure. HOW DO I OPEN IT????

lOVE love Love THIS RING...GONNA ask my next husband for this....

Whenever MR. right comes along>>this ring and he are mine>>>>>>

Eye Catching

Just got this. I have MANY of the DS watches & this one has quickly come to be a favorite. Its face is a gorgeous candied red with compliment cutouts. The band goes extremely well with the watch and the watch/band goes well with any dress/base colors. You must get one, you won't be disappointed. I have just one criticism, the band is a bit short. Just another 1/4-3/8 inch would be perfect.

Adventurer Red Men's Watch & Sunglasses

Gold tone watch

Watch was for my wife. She loves it. Thanks.


Had a problem with my initial order however it was replaced immediately and now I have a beautiful watch from an excellent company with outstanding service.

Beautiful ring!!

Love this ring…picture doesn’t do it justice!! Very expensive looking piece of fine jewelry!!

Love Rose Gold

Feel like a royal when I wear this ring. Lovely just lovely

Taylor Ring
mary l.
Green Envy

Beautiful style. You will feel like a Movie Star when you where this ring.

Valetta Ring
mary l.

Wow! Wow! Out of this world

Gem of an Opal

One of the most stunning opal rings I've ever seen. A real stunning ring! I just love this ring. Opals are my favorite stones. This is a must purchase if you are an opal lover.

Lady of Enchantment

This ring is incredible. Very Beautiful!!! A real stunner.