Daniel Steiger Soldier & Dog Statue
Daniel Steiger Soldier & Dog Statue

Soldier & Dog Statue

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  • Soldier & Dog Design
  • Intricate Detailing
  • Fine Cast Resin
The United States K9 Corps was created on March 13, 1942, when dogs officially became part of military service. Border Patrol K9s, Customs K9s, Police K9s, Secret Service K9s, Airport Service K9s and FBI K9s work daily to save and protect the American people and homeland. As part of the military effort, military dogs have served on the borders on land and sea every day. The dogs are trained to provide numerous functions, including search, rescue, explosives detection, scout, patrol and enemy subdue. The occasion was created by Joe White, a Vietnam War veteran K9 handler and trainer to pay tribute to the remarkable and essential service that dogs carry out in the US military across the World.

Military use of dogs goes back at least 2500 years, being key components in various military conflicts in human history. The faithful and loyal dedication of canine military animals have saved serviceman and citizens lives at home and abroad, continuing to protect those unaware of that remarkable service at home.

Beautifully displayed in the office or home setting, this museum quality statue is sculpted from resin fine cast. Resin is a compound generally used for sculptures, statues, figurines, and decorative home accessories. A sturdy material that can be intricately molded, allowing a great level of detail with consistent texture.

This sculpture is a finely crafted, highly detailed work of art and will sit proudly on your desk or mantelpiece. Claim a proud piece of US military history for your own.

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phillip r.
rin tinn tinn and the love of dogs always

wife judy had portnoy her german shepherd loved him to death son has amber the golden operated on today not well pray for her being ok my dog lucky same story active duty 69-72 w germany augsburg ran officers clubs the love of a dog is most vip to all of us but soldiers even more so ever see spielberg move war horse this very similar have clients that sell suburus most of their good clients love dogs and children too many owners teachers etc their cients most loyal of any brand love soldier and dog statue tku angel

Ronald Wachtman
Vietnam vet

It adds to my support to all those that serve & have served. It's a wonderful addition to my home TY.

Thomas Daly
Dog Handler

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