Daniel Steiger Astor Ring
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Astor Ring

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Ring Size
  • Solid Sterling Silver
  • 2 Carat Diamondeau®, Simulated Diamond
  • Over 78 Flawless Diamondeau®, Simulated Diamond
  • Magnificent Presentation Case Included
In the late 19th and early 20th century the Astors
were one of the most powerful and wealthy families
in the United States. The Grandes Dames of this illustrious family indulged themselves in the finest gems
that the jewelers of Fifth Avenue could provide. They
certainly wouldn't have turned their noses up at our
new Astor Ring. Beautifully crafted from the finest
925 solid Sterling Silver and set with one of our flawless 2 carat Diamondeau® - flawless simulated diamonds. The sparkle continues
with an additional 78 stones set in a micro pave, milgrain setting. Magnificent presentation case dispatched
with each order.

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