Daniel Steiger Endeavour Ring
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Endeavour Ring

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Ring Size
  • 19.81ct Ruby Red Diamondeau®
  • Premium Grade Stainless Steel
  • Two-Tone Plating
  • Magnificent Presentation Case Included

In Greek mythology, Poseidon and Athena competed for Athens. Poseidon laid his claim by thrusting his trident into the ground where a great well of sea water rushed out. Athena countered by planting the first olive tree beside the well. The court of gods and goddesses ruled Athena had the better right to the land because her gift was better. The olive branch is a symbol of victory or peace. Displayed on our new ring is a branch symbol, this is perfect to mark growth, victory and milestones in your life.

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Jim W.
Great product line up to

Great product line up to choose from.